AlohaCare provides comprehensive medical and prescription drug coverage through a statewide network of contracted physicians and providers. Our network has nearly 3,000 providers to care for our members. AlohaCare’s network includes a broad range of PCPs, specialists, facility, ancillary and other providers through which members can access the full range of benefits.

A key component of our relationship with our providers is centered on our responsibility to be a good partner. With our vision of partnership, we are committed to the delivery of timely and medically-appropriate health care to our members

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You may contact our Provider Relations Call Center at 973-1650 or toll-free at 1-800-434-1002 or submit your inquiry via our online Contact Us form if you have any questions.

AlohaCare Provider Advisory Relating to COVID-19-Related Services

On Friday, March 20, AlohaCare posted a Provider Advisory to inform our Providers of changes that we are implementing to ensure that you have the most current information to provide appropriate and timely care to your AlohaCare patients who may require services due to or during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are closely monitoring information and guidance issued by CMS and Hawaii DHS to inform you as quickly as possible of any changes to our policies and processes, particularly those that allow a temporary relaxation of current government mandates (such as HIPAA requirements), in order to promote the delivery of timely care.  We are committed to providing you with timely updates as we vet the information we receive.   

All Provider Advisories will be posted within the Plan Publications tab of the Provider section of this website. 

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

The Med-QUEST Division of the Hawaii Department of Human Services is implementing an Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system to fulfill new federal requirements.

EVV eliminates the need for paper documents and enhances efficiency and transparency of services through quick electronic billing. It also offers flexibility for appointments and services as well as reducing the gaps in care for missed, late, or incomplete visits.

Click here for more information about EVV:



Accredo, an Express Scripts specialty pharmacy, opened a new location in Honolulu to serve members living with complex conditions. The new pharmacy offers a range of services, including walk-in consultations with a pharmacist, courier and mail order delivery and a site-of-care (or ambulatory) infusion center with on-site nurses. Oncology treatments and intravenous immunoglobulin are among the therapies administered on-site. The pharmacy is available to serve all residents of Hawaii whose pharmaceutical benefit includes Accredo.

AlohaCare is partnering with Accredo as its preferred specialty pharmacy to serve members living on Oahu, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, and Hawaii Island. Accredo's unique model of care aligns with AlohaCare's goal of delivering high touch, patient-centered care. Together, AlohaCare and Accredo are committed to improving access to quality care for Hawaii, and AlohaCare is excited to offer increased opportunities for in-home care and delivery statewide.

Through its Therapeutic Resource Centers, Accredo provides specialized care for complex or chronic conditions, including cancer, pulmonary arterial hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, and immune deficiencies.

Accredo can provide the level of care your patients on specialty drugs need, with services that include:

  • The broadest access to exclusive and limited distribution drugs in the industry
  • Safety program that helps prevent potentially harmful drug interactions
  • Access to a team of pharmacists and nurses who have received specialized training in your patients' medical conditions
  • Registered nurses available for in-home medication administration, when clinically appropriate and as their plan allows
  • Scheduled delivery to your patients' homes or your office (where allowable by law) -- at no additional charge
  • Patient refill reminders and proactive prior authorization renewals

For specialty medications, please submit your prior authorization request through AlohaCare and submit a prescription to Accredo via one of the following options:

  • Send new prescriptions to Accredo by e-prescribing or visit for instructions
  • Fax new prescriptions to Accredo at 800-391-9707
  • Call in new prescriptions to Accredo at 808-650-6596 or 877-852-7247

To learn more about Accredo services, the medications they dispense and how to get your patients started, visit