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Privacy Statement

To address privacy concerns you may have while visiting our Site, this Privacy Statement describes how AlohaCare may use information that you provide. AlohaCare will only use the information that you provide through this Site for purposes permitted or required by law, and as described in this statement.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions and our Legal Notices for additional information regarding your rights and responsibilities. The Privacy Statement is an addition, not a replacement for our Terms and Conditions and our Legal Notices.

Portions of our Site may allow you to provide us with personal information in order to deliver requested services and to respond to your questions. We collect personal information about you only if you provide it voluntarily. Personal information is any information or data you provide through this Site that is individually identifiable, such as a name, email address, and telephone number. This Privacy Statement applies only to individually identifiable personal information that you provide when visiting this Site and is different from the Notice of Privacy Practices, which describes in detail how AlohaCare uses individually identifiable personal health information that we may receive both online and offline. AlohaCares Notice of Privacy Practices is published in accordance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule (a federal regulation officially known as the "Standards for the Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information"). Together, the AlohaCare Privacy Statement and the Notice of Privacy Practices describe how AlohaCare uses your individually identifiable personal information and health information. As permitted by the Privacy Rule, individually identifiable health information that you provide through this Site may be used or disclosed by AlohaCare for purposes that are permitted or required by law.

AlohaCare is committed to protecting the privacy of your individually identifiable health information.

1. AlohaCare does not sell, transfer or disclose individually identifiable health information without your prior authorization, except when permitted or required by law. "Required by law" includes the permissive and mandatory requirements of state and federal regulations that govern the use and disclosure of individually identifiable information, such as the federal regulation known as the Privacy Rule.

2. AlohaCare is permitted to disclose individually identifiable health information to our business associates who perform functions or provide services on our behalf. We require the business associates to agree in writing to contract terms designed to safeguard your information.

3. AlohaCare is also permitted to use and disclose individually identifiable health information to support the services AlohaCare provides through this Site, and to support the business functions provided by AlohaCare. These services and functions may include responding to your questions or asking for your feedback on how effectively we are providing services.

4. AlohaCare routinely gathers quantitative information on Site activity, including the number of users to the Site and the pages visited. Individually identifiable personal information is not collected during this routine activity and AlohaCare reserves the right to use and share or disclose this information with others. AlohaCare also reserves the right to perform statistical analyses of user behavior in order to measure interest in, and use of the various areas of the Site. We reserve the right to inform business associates, agents, or others permitted by law to receive such information.

5. AlohaCare may need to change this Privacy Statement from time to time to address new issues and reflect changes on our Site. Please refer back to this Privacy Statement regularly, because your use of the Site signifies that you agree to be bound by this Privacy Statement, Terms and Conditions, and the Legal Notice, as amended from time to time.

6. In the unlikely event that AlohaCare is acquired, merges with another entity or sells portions of its assets, our databases (which may contain your protected health information and online personal information) will be among transferred assets.

7. Although parents are free to seek information available on the Site concerning the health of their children, no person under 18 years old is permitted to use the Site. AlohaCare does not direct this Site to children under the age of 18 years, or knowingly collect information from children under 18. Adults should not assist minors in accessing the Site. When users enter personal information on our Site, the user is representing to us that he/she is an adult, 18 years or older. We would be pleased to work with parent and guardians to delete from our records personal information a child may improperly disclose. Please contact Customer Service at 808-973-1650 or toll-free at 800-434-1002 (Neighbor Islands).

8. AlohaCare Site uses Secure Socket Layer ("SSL") encryption technology to enhance data privacy and help prevent loss, misuse or alteration of the information under our control. This encryption technology, however, does not absolutely guarantee or safeguard the total privacy of user information that has been voluntarily disclosed to the Site.

If you have any questions or want additional information about this Privacy Statement, AlohaCares Terms and Conditions, or our Legal Notice, please contact Customer Service at 808-973-1650 or toll-free at 800-434-1002 (Neighbor Islands).