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Choose AlohaCare

When you choose AlohaCare, you join a QUEST Integration health plan deeply rooted in Hawai`i’s communities. We’re more than just a community health plan. We’re your neighbor. We understand your unique challenges and work hard to connect you to what matters most. We provide care with aloha for you and your family.


“My kids and I benefit from AlohaCare. Covering visits and medications, AlohaCare has been there for me through some tough times.

They are respectful, helpful, and always working to fulfill my family’s needs. I recommend choosing AlohaCare.”


Tiffany Costabrum Agoo

Member since September 2006



Get More When You Choose AlohaCare 


Provider Network

We have a large statewide network of doctors, hospitals, and specialists to serve you. They work with us to make health care better for you. When you can’t wait for an appointment, connect with a doctor from a smartphone, tablet or computer through AlohaCare Telehealth Connect. 


Complete Coverage

You are fully covered with these benefits and more:

  • Doctor visits
  • Family planning services
  • Hospital services
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Prescription drugs
  • Preventive care services
  • Vision and hearing services
  • Tests and lab services
  • Long-term services and supports
  • Telehealth appointments
  • Health Coordination


Tools for Your Health Journey

Join special programs and access care teams in your neighborhood that support you and your health goals. 


Answers to Your Questions

We are here to listen and help you find the care you need when you need it so you can feel your best.


Extra Benefits*

Get these extra benefits offered to AlohaCare members:

  • Basic Adult Dental Care**

This benefit is provided through Hawaii Dental Service (HDS). It includes an annual exam; cleanings and fluoride twice a year; a full mouth X-ray; one filling or one non-emergent extraction per year; and more.

  • Ke Aloha Mau

Through the Ke aloha mau program, this benefit offers four traditional Native Hawaiian healing practices. It includes hula - physical movement; lomilomi - physiotherapy and massage; ‘ai pono - healthy foods and meals; ho’oponopono - balancing of relationships. 

  • A Promise of Hope

This benefit is provided in partnership with the Hawai‘i Department of Education Waipahu Community School for Adults. It supports adults who wish to complete their high school education. The program includes an assessment to determine which classes are needed; enrollment and class instruction (math, reading, science, and social studies as needed); required books and a calculator if needed; fee reimbursement for the GED test or high school equivalency exam.

*No cost to members. Eligibility and locations vary for each program.

**Available only to adult members who do not have any other medical or dental insurance.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact us.