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Provider Advisories

Below are the most recent advisories.

November 2014

Important Information: Lava Flow Advisory

October 2014

Provider Education Session (Kona)

September 2014

Important information: AlohaCare Advantage (HMO) Medicare health plan

Provider Education Session (Hilo)

May 2014

CMS 1500 Instructions and New Claim Form

April 2014

Billing and Coding Update

February 2014

CMS 1500 Claim Form        ICD-10 Education Events

November 2013

Utilization Management Criteria

October 2013

Clinical Guidelines       HEDIS Results

September 2013

Appointment and Accessibility



Below are the most recent issues of our provider newsletter. The quarterly newsletter offers our providers information on our plan products, operations and services.

          December 2013 

              Winter 2012                                                 Fall 2012

             Summer 2012                                          Spring 2012

            Winter 2011                                                Fall 2011