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AlohaCare QUEST Integration

AlohaCare provides health care coverage for Hawaii’s QUEST Integration beneficiaries.  QUEST Integration is a Medicaid managed care program under the State of Hawaii Department of Human Services (DHS).

AlohaCare offers:

  • Our live answering Member Services team will help you with all of your questions.
  • Choose doctors in your neighborhood.
  • Personal service coordinators will work with you if you have special health care needs.
  • Call our 24-hour Nurse Advice Line with your health questions any time of the day.
  • Need a ride to your doctor’s appointment?  Get transportation services to your appointments. 
  • Speak another language?  We have free interpretation services in your preferred language.

How do I know if I am eligible for QUEST Integration?

You must apply with the Med-QUEST Division for QUEST Integration coverage.  You can check your eligibility and apply online by visiting

How do I choose AlohaCare as my health plan?

New members will receive a notification of eligibility for QUEST Integration.  You will be assigned a health plan immediately.  After being assigned a health plan, you will have 15 days to choose AlohaCare as your QUEST Integration health plan.  If you do not choose a health plan, you will stay enrolled with your current health plan. 

How do I get language assistance?

If you need help understanding your benefits or how to get care and services, please call us.  When you call us, you can ask to talk to someone in the language you speak.  AlohaCare offers free interpreter services for our members.  Call Member Services at 973-0712 (Oahu) or toll-free at 1-877-973-0712.  If you require assistance due to a hearing impairment, call 1-877-447-5990.

What if I am visually or hearing impaired?

You can get written materials in alternate formats, such as large print, audio and braille.  Call Member Services at (Oahu) or toll-free at.  TTY users call.  You can request information in alternate formats.
Contact Us 
Oahu: 973-0712
Neighbor Island/Oahu (toll-free): 1-877-973-0712
TTY: 1-877-447-5990